The Household

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It does not rely on asking friends friends for items to complete the constructions.

Not enough energy.

The Household is farming, life simulation, social gaming, and so much more. It is everything you want to do in a single title. Whether you want to do basic farming tasks, such as plant flowers or crops, or you want to start and care for your very own family, there is something here to suit you. The many tasks and responsibilities will keep you busy for hours upon hours. You will have the chance to experience life through the eyes of this character, doing more than you normally do in games. Keep yourself busy for hours every day from the moment that you start your game.

The Household3

You have your character and your farm. This is the start of your journey, a start that you can make all your own. With your character, you can customize him or her to suit you. Make it look like you or make it look completely different. Whatever your preferred style, however you want to look when playing, you have an option that will work. With your character ready, start taking care of the farm. Like any game in the farming genre, there is a lot of work waiting for you from the moment that you start. You will always have something to do.

The Household10

Plant, take care of crops, take care of livestock, and keep everything clean and growing. After removing the trees, grass, and other unwanted obstacles from your yard, you can begin doing all of this. As you continue to work on your yard and make money, you will have the chance to expand. Expansion allows you to grow and do more. You can fit in more plants and crops, more animals, and more decorations. Expansion will help you to keep everything moving forward smoothly. Your farm will come alive right before your eyes, looking more stunning with every new addition.

It is not just plants and animals in The Household, though. Over time, you will have the opportunity to start a family. You will have a spouse and children, and they will be there with you. This is one part that sets it apart from other titles in the farming genre.

The Household5

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Instead of hours upon hours of farming only, you will have tasks and responsibilities and options and activities completely separate from your farm. This will add a new level of excitement that you do not typically have with this genre. It is part of what makes it such a good game.

As with any Facebook game, The Household does have a social feature. You can have friends help you and you can help your friends. If you know a lot of people who play, you should take advantage of their activity. Of course, if you do not know anyone who plays, you can always invite your friends or find more friends who are active here. Having people join you will make it a lot easier to make progress and to succeed. They can give you important items and help you with your work.

The Household is free to play.

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