The Planner: Farming

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Multilingual. | Great visuals.

It crashes when you click on a vehicle in the garage.

In The Planner: Farming, you have to care for the farm that your grandfather left to you. Its condition is terrible and it is not able to make any money at the moment. You have to fix this by bringing it back to working shape, making money and putting together an excellent farm. It is not like other farming titles, though. It is not focused on making everything pretty and that is it; it is a lot more detailed and complex. Of course, it is not overly complicated to the point that it is annoying to play, but it offers more features and options than you will find in most other farming games.

The Planner9

You start The Planner: Farming with a simple goal: Build up the farm. You want to make sure that it is in great condition, helping you to earn a lot of money. You will care for crops and dairy cows, you will add in structures, you will improve your home, you will hire people, and you will do so much more. You have to look at this like a farm. It will not work if you are not putting in the effort and time. With its poor starting condition, there is a lot of both effort and time required. Once you start going, though, you can see an incredible difference.

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Since The Planner: Farming is an actual farm, one where there are responsibilities and tasks everywhere you go, you cannot depend on yourself and your own two hands. You need more, especially as the farm begins to grow. Tractors, silos, sheds, and, of course, employees are all necessary. They will help you to complete your tasks in a timely manner. When it comes to the employees, their skills and the quality of their work will improve over time. As your farm gets better, so will they. Depend on them for the sake of your farm’s future.

There are numerous challenges here. It is not all farming with nothing working against you. You have seasons, the weather, pests, and even soil quality. You have to consider all of these things while running your farm. Just one can start to cause problems, taking away everything you worked so hard to build.

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With different factors to keep in mind, you should start putting together a strategy. Think like a farmer and work like a farmer, handling all of the difficult problems that you will face over time.

Making money is the simplest motivation here. While you want to build up the farm and make it great, you have to make money. The Planner: Farming has random events that may make this harder, such as sudden bills. Balance these events with your farm to figure out the best way to keep yourself in the positive. If you need help, you can always get a loan. These loans will make it easier for you to handle the responsibilities at the farm when you find yourself low on funds, which will happen from time to time.

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