Tiny Farm

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Cute and awesome graphics and animation

It is another game that needs quest and social features to get points and upgrades

Tiny Farm is much like Farmville, but much better, bigger, stronger, and more adventurous than any other farm game. Build for the mobile; you can do anything on the farm you want from building in the English countryside farm, to a farm villa in Spain. The choice is yours.

tiny farm 6

If you like Farmville, you’ll love Tiny Farm. Although, it’s has better graphics and instead of lumps for animals, you’ll have a clean cartoon animals you can control. It’s pretty great when you can make them do what you want as soon as you feed them. Your friends can join in and become your neighbour and build their own farm. You can trade back and forth.

The interface is smooth and useable, so you won’t even need to read the directions. You can do everything from the main menu. They have made it so it’s more than enjoyable to play this game than any other game for a mobile phone.

Tiny Farm 4

You start with a piece of land you can build to anything you want it to be. It comes with all the bells and whistles you want for breeding huge animals, building an enormous house, and expanding your land. You can decorate your land with fancy blooming trees to bronze picturesque statues.

When you’re done creating your new animals, building your house or castle, you can start expanding out into the universe, if you want. Sharing with your friends makes is easy to brag about your tiny farm that’s not so tiny anymore. The message board can be used as a clever way to show all your friends how vast your farm is growing.

Of course, there are quests along the way, but you can get your friends to help you out by watering the lawn or feeding the animals.

This game is so much fun to play as you build your farm far out into the universe that some of your friends may pit themselves against you because they are jealous. They might offer to water the fowl, but conveniently forget, so watch who you ask to help you out.

Tiny Farm 10

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One of the best things about Tiny Farm is that it’s absolutely free. Just download and start playing. When you tell your friends all about your Tiny Farm they will want to join up creating their own little world, just like you are doing.  This is going to be a very popular game!

Tiny Farm is free to play.

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