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Is a bit dull and can definitely get boring sometimes

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Unusual Farms.

Toadwater is a game of strategy, cunning, and individual skill with action in every place on the map. It’s you against others as they put everything in your path to slow you down or destroy you. It’s a game you can win over them with skill alone.

Toadwater has many levels you can go up, but you can also go up fast or slow. You can level up by increments such as from 54 to 54.01, 54.1 or 54.25, either way; you can level up fast or gain powers by upping slowly.  There is no cap for each level, it depends on what you want to learn or gain on each level. You may need more alchemy powers or combat powers. Each level allows you to gain in skills as well as experience.

Toadwater 3

You’ll need skills in alchemy, combat, cooking, farming, forestry, management, mining, textile, tinkering, weaving and whittling and you’ll need to learn how to pooing, which is a skill that lets you eat more items to heal.  You’ll need to know all of them to go against other players in the game.

Unfortunately, there’s no real-time chat unless you use a web-based chat room, but you can go to the forum and leave all kinds of messages. You can also use it to learn what your opponent is trying to do to your tree farm. They will leave hints and others will leave tips and tricks on how to beat all the players who drop things on your world.

Toadwater 10

The objects other players can drop on your world can be anything they want.  You have to work out how to get rid of them. You’re trying to achieve being the best top player for Toadwater. It’s not easy; you’ll need to learn a lot of skills to beat the top players. They will do anything and everything to stop you from levelling up.

In Toadwater, you can set up a raid on other worlds or set up your defences to stop them from raiding with axes that can chop through your fences and damage your forest of trees. You also lose profit and your forest of trees.

Of course, you can team up with friends to raid another player’s world, but you’ll have to be careful they aren’t raiding you at the same time. It’s fun for all, even if it doesn’t have in-game chat. That way they can’t distract you from what they are doing.  The world map is huge, so you can spot other’s bases. You’ll need to know where they are so you can trade or sell to them. You can also help them out, if you want.

The game is all about learning how to be strategic for keeping your world from raiders and how to turn a tidy profit while gaining skills necessary to conquer the others who want to see you fail.

Toadwater 1

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Toadwater has a Wiki you can check out to learn more strategies to take over the other players. When you first start, you’ll have to be very careful since some of the old timers have been playing for several years. Toadwater is one of the better MMOs games that put you up against hundreds of other players. Or you can be up against a few; it all depends on who’s online. Watch your back!

Toadwater is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Unusual Farms.

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