TV Farm 2

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

The gameplay is awesome and the strategy and planning involved will definitely work your mind out

The graphics aren't at par with other games in the market

At first, you may see TV Farm 2 as your typical Farmville style game, where you spend the majority of your time harvesting and planting new crops. However, within a mere 3 minutes of gameplay your original expectations of this game are shattered, as you unveil the more intricate difficulties that await you.

If you have yet to the play the original TV farm game, then you may expect for this game to be one where you don’t really have to think too much before you click anything, or you can make choices that will not affect your gameplay. Sounds like you? Then run… run and never look back! This game is not only a farming style game, but it also involves a serious amount of strategy and planning.

Nevertheless, if you are the type of person who enjoys a challenge, and have had enough of the plain, not too involving farming games on the market, TV farm 2 will be the perfect game for you.


Unlike many of the Farming games available today, TV farm 2 starts with a rather unusual story. It seems that you are part of a reality TV show, in which you go about making your farm as successful as possible, and then competing with other contestants all over the world for the best farm.

Unfortunately, like many worthwhile games on the market the gameplay does start rather basic with a 5 minute tutorial, which tries to explain some of the main concepts of the game. However, once you have passed the initiating tutorial, you begin to get an insight for just how impressively detailed and robust TV farm 2 is.

For instance, when you are starting TV farm 2, you will have rows of land where you can plant your crops. Sounds a bit like Farmville right. Whilst you do always begin with one row, you do have the option to purchase more later on in the level. You will also begin with various useful items in your personal warehouse, which can be utilized to make other valuable items and make money from them. This can be a great way to generate some money when you are short on funds, or if you want the security that some extra money can provide.


But it doesn’t just stop with crops in TV farm 2, there are a range of different buildings that can be used to create more exclusive items such as tomato paste, popcorn, or sauce. These items are mostly used as a way of generating a large amount of income due to their value, although you should only do this when you really need to expand your earnings.

TV farm 2 offers you an initial set of basic buildings for you to work with, but later down the line, you will have access to the more exclusive building options. In fact, once you reach the mountains, you will be able to make certain types of wine! How cool is that?!


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Similar to other faming games, you have a set of goals and objectives that can be located at the bottom of your screen. These are usually to produce a certain amount of a product, or alternatively to surpass a certain amount of money made. In my experience, I really enjoyed the concept of having production count towards achieving a goal or objective, as it meant that after you have produced the item, you could sell it and make money too. I especially hate it in some games where you find out that you have to have all of the items on you, after I’ve already sold the whole lot.

Overall this game is a gem, as whilst the graphics aren’t particularly anything special, you don’t really play these types of games for their looks and appearances. You play these games to experience some awesome gameplay and to set objectives in order to beat a greater challenge. TV farm 2 integrates what makes a good time management game perfectly, and if you are somewhat of a dedicated time management gamer, then you will find TV farm 2 a delight.

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