World of Zellians

6.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Graphics and animation are very smooth and easy on the eye

There isn't a single reward or achievement to work for

With World of Zellians you are a traveling architect who constructs the houses, shops, and communities that each town needs to safely grow and prosper in this satisfying city builder. World of Zellians is settled around a young city planner who travels the world helping Monarchs build up their cities and establish communities.

world of zellians 8

You start the game as a student of the city planner Zorm, who seems nice enough at first but it won’t be long before your skills surpass his and he becomes jealous. As game play progresses you Zorm will begin to sabotage your effort by starting fire to your buildings or assembling madmen to destroy your city. If you have even the slightest bit of familiarity with city builders you will have no problem playing this game. Most of the buildings take only seconds to create, but they almost all have a list of prerequisites. Each building also has a requirement of a gold and material investment that is generated at varying rates by certain buildings. As the game goes on even more complex building types will emerge within the games 45 missions, and even the biggest buildings such as hospitals (that lock away the madmen previously mentioned) require more than 12 buildings to be created before you can even break ground.

You also want to be sure that you can accommodate the required buildings on a countryside map which is quite small and littered with many obstacles that must be overcome along the way. This may make World of Zellians seem complicated but it really isn’t. You will have help when you start construction on each building and the requirements of each are placed when you move your mouse over the bottom of screen. There’s no real risk of losing, and you have infinite time to construct your towns. If you want to win all it takes is time and a bit of strategy.

world of zellians 10

Overall the game is really fun and the difficulty level is irrelevant compared to how much fun you will have constructing towns and build great properties. The game offers great animated characters and dynamic structures as well and makes gameplay exciting to do. The great scenery compared with the easy and entertaining strategy you will pose makes giving the trial game a go and if that isn’t enough the whole game version is even more exciting. World of Zellians is not only exciting but you will have hours of fun building strategy and constructing buildings all in your own time.

world of zellians 5

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It doesn’t matter how long you take building your city because you are given plenty of time and that leaves room for you to do even better. If you feel like you aren’t so great at playing these types of games, have no fear! World of Zellians doesn’t grade you for your work, and it is pretty easy to play so play at your heart’s content. The game is sure to be fun for all age levels and you will love it!

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