Zombie Farm 2

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Interesting take on zombie game.

Sometimes it crashes when opening the game.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Cute Farms.

Farming games are typically all the same. You plant crops, harvest, and repeat. There are a few minor changes in there, but, overall, they are similar. Zombie Farm 2 shakes things up a bit. Yeah, you are planting and harvesting your crops, but your crops are not corn and tomatoes or other fruits, vegetables, or flowers. Instead, your crops are zombies. You are going to farm zombies. The large selection, the features, and the options available make this an entertaining game with a unique approach to farming. Build a farm unlike any other and then use your crops to attack your enemies.

Zombie Farm2

Zombie Farm 2 is similar to most other farming games in a few ways. You have land and you have crops, and it is your job to take care of those crops. You have to plant and then harvest the crops in order to improve your farm. You have a large selection of said crops, all ready for you to plant and use. As you improve, you will have more and more crops to use, you will have more space, and you can create a more amazing farm as a whole. This will allow you to live the life of a farmer. The only difference here is the type of crops and what you do with them.

Zombie Farm4

Zombies as crops makes this an entirely different type of farming game. Yeah, you have the same basic goal of planting and harvesting crops, but it is just not the same at all. You will have the chance to plant your basic zombies available as well as combine them. Use everything you have to build an unstoppable team of zombies that will frighten anyone. Between planting and harvesting your crops, you can also decorate your farm. Make your fearsome zombie team stand out by putting in some amazing decorations all around the farm.

It is not all planting and harvesting here. Once your zombies are ready, go invade the enemy. This is why you will want to build an excellent and powerful team. They need to have strength and skills to tear down your opponents, bringing you victory. As your farm improves, so should your team.

Zombie Farm5

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This means that you can build the type of zombie team that no one can defeat. Put in the time and the effort so that your farm, and your invasions, remain successful for a long time. It is not that hard and it is plenty of fun.

Play along with friends, too. Zombie Farm 2 is a social game that gives you the chance to play tag with friends or simply check out their own farms. See what they are doing, compare farms, and get competitive. When you want to have some fun, start a game of tag. It is all easy to do and it adds a lot more excitement to the game. You can continue to work on improving your farm, play with friends, have fun with zombies, and take down opponents, all in one game.

Zombie Farm 2 is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Cute Farms.

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