Cute Farms Reviews

Monster World (, , )
June 10, 2013 -

Monster World, a game created by Wooga is catching the eyes of many players of all ages around the world with 50 million players worldwide. Like most Facebook game available,… Read More »

Molehill Empire (, , )
June 9, 2013 -

Molehill Empire is a free browser game, with its excellent 3D graphics; many players are drawn to it. This game, in many ways, is being compared to the hit game… Read More »

Country Harvest (, , )
June 9, 2013 -

Now you can build, live, and work in the country. Country Harvest is all about farming as in showing you how to grow vegetables and fruits. You can get up… Read More »

Family Farm Seaside (, , )
May 31, 2013 -

Family Farm Seaside is a beautiful farming game for iOS by the well-known flash game developers, FunPlus. This game is basically the mobile version of the popular Facebook game “Family… Read More »

Flower Ville (, , )
May 2, 2013 -

Welcome to , you are about to emerge into a simulation game where the core of it is all based on flower stores and how they operate, in a flower… Read More »

Zombie Farm 2 (, , )
April 29, 2013 -

Farming games are typically all the same. You plant crops, harvest, and repeat. There are a few minor changes in there, but, overall, they are similar. Zombie Farm 2 shakes… Read More »

Fantasy Farms (, , )
April 28, 2013 -

Farm and wonder come together in a fantasy world with Fantasy Farms. The fantasy creatures mix well with the tasks at hand. You have beautiful scenery and options you cannot… Read More »

Green Farm 3 (, , , )
April 28, 2013 -

Fans of the original Green Farm will love to know that there is now a Green Farm 3. It gives you the same experience you love, but in a more… Read More »

Free Farm Game (, , )
April 28, 2013 -

Run a detailed and exciting farm in Free Farm Game. You can take care of the livestock and crops, of course, as well as run workshops, go to the market,… Read More »

The Household (, , )
April 28, 2013 -

The Household is farming, life simulation, social gaming, and so much more. It is everything you want to do in a single title. Whether you want to do basic farming… Read More »

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