Unusual Farms Reviews

Dreamfields (, , )
January 26, 2014 -

DreamFields is a beautiful, addictive, and imaginative game where you care for the world and try to build everything up. You are going to be doing this with the help… Read More »

Miramagia (, , )
January 3, 2014 -

Miramagia is a cool game that is browser-based and free to play. In this game you can take on the likeliness of a shaman, druid, witch or mage that you… Read More »

Kapi Farm (, , )
October 12, 2013 -

Kapi Farm gives you the chance to have a lot of fun in ways that make you fall in love with farm games all over again. As you level up,… Read More »

Grimm’s Hatchery (, , )
August 27, 2013 -

“Grimm’s Hatchery”, developed and released by Amaranth Games, is not another three-in-a-row puzzle or micromanagement-type game. Rather, it’s a magical pet simulation game that’s set in the role-playing game universe… Read More »

Farm for Your Life (, , )
August 9, 2013 -

Farm for your Life is a great zombie farming game! After a crazy storm raises the dead it’s your job to start over with a sustainable life. Manage your restaurant,… Read More »

Enchanted Gardens (, , )
August 9, 2013 -

Gardening is a wonderful way to cultivate self-love. Like meditation, gardening is a time to be still and listen, not just to the sound of the outdoors, but to your… Read More »

Crop Busters (, , )
July 31, 2013 -

Crop Busters is fresh new game for those of you who love farm games! The game traces the story of a young girl Scarlett who is excited about her homecoming… Read More »

Mother Nature (, , )
July 28, 2013 -

If you are a fan of farming games such as Plants vs. Zombies, and other similar releases, then you will love Mother Nature. In Mother Nature, you play as Autumn,… Read More »

TV Farm 2 (, , )
July 28, 2013 -

At first, you may see TV Farm 2 as your typical Farmville style game, where you spend the majority of your time harvesting and planting new crops. However, within a… Read More »

Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands (, , )
July 7, 2013 -

Magic Farm was quite hit among the target market of developer Meridian’93, when it was launched. Owing to the success of Magic Farm, it made perfect sense for Meridian’93 to… Read More »

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