Unusual Farms Reviews

Fruits Inc (, , )
June 23, 2013 -

Manifesto Game Studio, the developers of Fruits Inc has completely overhauled the setting in which the game takes place. We appreciate this new look as it makes everything look fresh…. Read More »

Pot Farm (, , )
June 16, 2013 -

Pot Farm is just that – running a farm that has some questions about the legality of the crops you produce. There are over 900,000 people who play Pot Farm… Read More »

Slots Farm (, , )
June 13, 2013 -

Slots Farm is a simulation of slot machine with an extra one to seed your farm orders. You can play all day long to earn the seeds you need to… Read More »

Farmers Market (, , )
May 31, 2013 -

Who doesn’t love farming games? With so much to do and so much to enjoy, how can anyone say that farming/time management games are not some of the best around…. Read More »

Garden Simulator (, , )
April 28, 2013 -

Create a masterpiece when you play Garden Simulator. You can put together a garden unlike any you have ever seen, and unlike any you will ever see. It will feel… Read More »

Shikihime Garden (, , )
April 28, 2013 -

Shikihime Garden is a different kind of game. Most gardening games will have you maintaining a garden and that is it. Most collectible card games will have you building a… Read More »

Farm Heroes Saga (, , , , )
April 28, 2013 -

Match 3 games have risen in popularity due to Facebook games. One of the biggest for a while now has been Candy Crush. King made a huge title that got… Read More »

FantasyRama (, , )
April 28, 2013 -

Save the Tree of Life in FantasyRama. You will grow a magical garden in its shadow. With this garden, you can help the tree to stay alive. Due to people’s… Read More »

Green Valley: Fun on the Farm (, , )
January 22, 2013 -

When farming games first became popular, developers raced to create their own version; yet somehow, everyone ended up coming out with roughly the same exact concept, just different storylines and… Read More »

Gourmet Ranch (, , )
January 22, 2013 -

When Farmville and Café World took the social gaming genre by storm, it was only natural for a hybrid of the two to come forth. And it has, and it’s… Read More »

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